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Scripts for duplicates in EF

Do there exist scripts for identifying and deleting duplicate messages in EagleFiler? There are some good scripts now for Entourage, but I believe that they depend on information that is not maintained in an EF archive. I suspect that writing a good script is not trivial because, e.g., duplicates may have slightly different sizes (e.g., 6.6 versus 10 KB, perhaps because of arriving through different routes in one’s corporate environment).

P.S., I am now deleting duplicates before moving messages to EF. However, that does nothing for my archive.

Not that I’m aware of, and I don’t think there’s currently a good way to write such a script. It’ll be better to make this a built-in feature of EagleFiler.

The new Remove Duplicate Messages script can remove most types of duplicate e-mails.