Search Email .. new user query

Just purchased EagleFiler and may have misunderstood its capabilities but I expected to be able to search emails imported directly from Apple Mail using the Capture Key.

I have selected and imported one message using F1 key and it appears in my Library but the body of the message is not searchable. Am I missing something or am I expecting too much?!

The body of the e-mail is searchable if you select Anywhere as the search scope. Otherwise, it will only search the From or Filename or whatever more specific location is specified.

I have Anywhere selected and even searching a word in the Title of the email does not bring a result.

The only other document I have in the Library is a scanned document using ScanSnap and that works as expected and gets positive results.

Do you have Records selected in the source list when searching? Is your e-mail a .eml file or in some other format?

Records is selected and file is showing as an .eml.

It sounds like you’re doing everything right. My guess is that you’re running into a bug in recent versions of macOS, which causes an error that can prevent some .eml files from being indexed for searching. I’m working on an update that works around this bug and will post here when it’s in public beta.

In the meantime, you can search for e-mails by title if you select Title as the search scope, as this works without the index.

Thank you for your prompt replies; would you advise therefore that I do not import any further emails until a remedy arrives in the next update or do you envisage the ability to index any emails already imported prior to the update?

You can import them now and then rebuild the index later (by holding down the Command and Option keys as you open the library).

Thank you; have brought multiple emails into the library that formed a MBox and searches of content and attachments works perfectly!

You can also use the Record ‣ Merge Message Files command to combine multiple .eml files into a mailbox, and that will work around the bug and reindex them automatically.


Please try this public beta version that works around the macOS bug.