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Selective Spamsieve 'failure'

I have used spamsieve successfully for several years. However, there is one web site that send s me email that always gets through! The message Subjects are in read in my Entourage Inbox, suspected spam, but the messages do not go to the junk folder.

The sending address is always some variant of Vietnamese Coffee Online <newsletter@trung-nguyen-online.com>. I have tried sending messages to addresses like info@trung-nguyen-online.com asking to be removed from their list, but to no avail.

What can I do, besides suffer in silence?

Please clarify what you mean by “suspected spam.”

Are your Entourage rules setup as shown here?

Spamsieve ‘Failure’
Michael, your link did not work, but i found the instructions you refer to in Spamsieve Help.

Yes, all was as specified, and as I said Spamsieve does find a lot of spam and properly deals with it.

What I meant by ‘suspected spam’ was that I believe an incoming message is put into its proper folder but highlighted in red, when spamsieve flags it as possible spam. These messages that are bugging me usually are flagged that way, and I am asking what I need to do to get them to go directly to the Junk folder in the future. i do keep running the script Train as Spam for each one that does come to my Inbox.

What didn’t work? I just clicked the link, and it opened a page called “Setting up Entourage.” This is more recent than the similar page in SpamSieve’s help.

Do you mean that the category is set to “Uncertain Junk”?

SpamSieve already thinks that “Uncertain Junk” messages are spam, so you should not train them as spam. If you want them to go into the Junk E-mail folder, you need to setup your rules as shown at the link above. I’ll also attach the relevant screenshot below.

SPAMSieVE ‘failure’
The link as it was shown in my Entourage mail message copy of your message, led to a 404 error.

When I visited the forum on Safari, it was a good link.

I had not set up my rules correctly, and apologize for wasting your time. I still do not understand why I have the messages in red only from this one sending server, whereas a lot of other spam senders end up in my junk folder.

I will just operate with the corrected rule and see how it goes.

Please let me know how it goes. If the messages still don’t go to the Junk E-mail folder, please send in your log file.