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Should "Bounce" ever be used?

“Bouncing” spam seems to be a good idea, but I read an article the other day that said not to do it because it could verify my email address to the spammer (or something to that effect). I need an expert opinion. Should “Bounce” ever be used or not? F.Y.I., I use Apple Mail.

I do not recommend using the bounce feature in mail clients such as Apple Mail. The spammer probably isn’t listening, anyway, but if he is this will verify that the message got through to you, rather than making him think it bounced.

Bouncing at the mail server level, right when the message is received, is a different story—that might be useful.

Bounce at server level?
Thanks for the reply, Michael. By the way, how does one turn on bouncing at the server level? I have no filtering actions configured on my ISP, and all incoming mail comes to me unfiltered. Are you suggesting that I turn on filters for my email accounts at my ISP?

No. I’m just saying that, hypothetically, if you were going to bounce that’s where you’d have to do it.