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Show only folders in record list?

Hi, I’m evaluating eaglefiler as a replacement of devonthink pro. By far I’m very satisfied with the result. The only thing that bother me is that eaglefiler’s record list shows all records in a library. What I want is record list only shows folders but not the files inside folders. Can this behavior be customized?

By the way, is student discount available for eaglefiler?


I’m curious why you want to do that, since the source list (the left pane of the window) already shows all the folders. Are you trying to search or sort the list of folders?

You can’t change the behavior of the Records source, but you could create a smart folder as shown here. This would behave like Records but only show folders.

There’s 33% student discount. Please contact eaglefiler@c-command.com for details.

Well, I think you are right. I can hardly reason it. Maybe I’m just used to devonthink’s interface. Anyway the smart folder can solve my problem.

That’s generous! I think I’ll definitely purchase a license after the 30-day evaluation.