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Simple global search?

Assume I’m going back to an EagleFiler library, some documents in some folder is in view. I need to search globally for a file. Is there an easy way to do it?

What I found is that I can search in the current highlighted folder doing a Library Find (option-cmd-F). However I don’t know how to go to the top level “Records” folder to search everything except by clicking on it. It would be great if there was a shortcut for “search in every record”.

Finally, is there a way to search in every opened libraries?



At present, you could do this with the keyboard, e.g. Tab to the source list and press Option-Up Arrow to go to the top and select Records. Adding a menu command and keyboard shortcut is on my to-do list.

Only using Spotlight, currently.

Hi Michael,

Can you please explain how to make a search with spotlight (not in a EF file but on the menu bar on top/right)?

For instance, I want to search the name “island” only on EF file. I tried : island:.eflibrary but it did not work…

Sorry for this too “simple” question…


Select the library’s “Files” folder in the Finder, then search from the Finder’s toolbar and click the “Files” button.

search for EF
Thank you Michael

I know this, but I asked for a quicker shortcut without searching first the EF files. May be it doesn’t exist ?..

The above will search just that library’s files. If you want to search multiple libraries at once, you would need to select a folder that contains all the libraries. To make this easier, instead of entering a search string, click Save. This will save a smart folder that searches the chosen folder in a desired way. Then, when you want to search, open the smart folder and enter your query.

search in EF
Thank you Michael to take some of your (precious) time to answer to those so “basic” questions :-))

Unless I’m mistaken, this latest method require that every EF library of interest be in the folder and that no other file is there (otherwise they may appear as well). Also, it means not searching in messages. Is this the case?

If so, would you consider “searching in every open EF library” as a feature request?

There may be a way to do it with Spotlight and the Finder, but I don’t know how.

Yes, that’s already on the to-do list. There’s some discussion of it elsewhere in the forum.

In EagleFiler 1.5 there is a menu command (shortcut Command-Option-1) for selecting the Records source.