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Smaller images ?

Hi Michael

Sometimes, when I copy from Safari or from the desktop some images and paste them in EF/ text RTF, they are smaller, like stamps ! It happens from time to time and in the same EF text file.

Can you explain me why ? thanks for your help.

Without a specific example, I can’t say for sure what’s happening. However my guess is that the image files were saved using a higher resolution. EagleFiler tries to display at actual size. So a 144x144 pixel image that’s at 144 dpi will be displayed at about 1-inch square, whereas it would be 2x2 inches if you were to convert it to 72 dpi.

small images
Thanks for your explanation. All the images come from web sites, they are 72dpi. Under Aperçu they have their normal size… Unfortunately, I throw them away (too small) but next time I’ll keep them to show you the problem if it happens again.

Not all images from Web sites are 72 dpi. There is a preference in Preview to “Respect image and screen DPI for scale.” If you turn this off, higher-resolution images will appear larger.

EagleFiler 1.5.4 adds the RespectImageDPI esoteric preference, which can be used to work around image files that do not have the proper resolution set.

My scanner produces “image” — as in single page with weird dimensions — PDF files. RespectImageDPI doesn’t seem to affect them, they’re smaller than the preview pane and smaller than Preview’s “Actual Size”.

EagleFiler’s RespectImageDPI setting is for non-PDF bitmap formats: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, etc.

The PDF size may be different than in Preview depending on the “Define 100% scale as” setting in its preferences.