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I have an IMAP account with SmarterMail. Has anyone else using that had any joy with SpamSieve? So far I can’t figure it out.

Which Mac mail program are you using? What haven’t you been able to figure out?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Apple mail

What haven’t you been able to figure out?

I assume that since the SpamSieve rule runs first, it would handle spam from all my accounts, but suspected spam is showing up in SmarterMail | Junk Email. Apparently I need to turn off filtering in the SmarterMail account but can’t figure out how to do that.

The mail server applies its rules before any of the ones in Apple Mail. So it’s impossible to do anything in Apple Mail that prevents messages from going into the server’s spam/junk mailbox. (You could, I suppose, write an AppleScript to fish messages out of that mailbox and back to the inbox.)

It looks to me like SmarterMail uses SpamAssassin, so perhaps you could use the SpamAssassin instructions to turn it off.

Thanks. I just turned it off.