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Some issues and suggestions

Hello there are couple of bugs I’ve found, would be cool if you’ll be able to fix them in some future versions.

  1. I’d like to tell about a bug I’m experiencing all the time. Though not critical, it’s quite an unpleasant and requires some skills and tricks to get around. The situation is following: I have many tags written in German, among them some words starting with umlauts (ÖÄÜ). As soon as I start typing in the tag, auto-suggest features gives me the first word starting with the letter and as I type further, the selection is reduced to the words with those letters I typed in. But, if the list contains any word with umlaut at the beginning, then everything breaks right after I type the next symbol after umlaut. So, imagine there is a list of existing tags “Überweisung, Universität, Ulm, Ulle” - in this case I will not able to type in any of this words at all due to the bug in autosuggest: If I type “U” - I get the list shown and I can point with the mouse and click on the tag, but if I keep typing (what is the most natural way) and press “l” then, instead of focusing to “Ulm, Ulle” the whole list disappears and I find myself selecting among the words beginning with “L”. This gets even worse if umlaut is inside of the word or if I want to type in a not-yet existing tag (adding it to the list of words already containing one that starts with umlaut) - in this case I usually have to invent some tricks, like first selecting an existing word and then carefully moving cursor to the beginning and to the end, trying to correct to what I need so, that auto-suggestion feature won’t start.

  2. Another small issue with the tags: EagleFiler works with Open Meta Tags, what is really cool, but strangely, it doesn’t let me see them all in the “Tags” list (so I could edit them), only provides them in auto-suggestion. This is not so bad, but brings in some uncertainty - it’s one application but two different types of tags lists: a short one that I can edit and a long one that includes the short + more some others :slight_smile:
    2.1) Of course, after some time of usage I mess things a little and get the same tags written in different cases “Ticket” and “ticket”. Is is necessary to keep them case-sensitive? In combination with uneditable tags (the ones mentioned previously, probably coming from the general Open Meta list), it requires more attention then needed. Would be cool if it were possible to let user edit all tags provided by auto-suggestion + let convert them to one case or select if they should be treated as case-sensitive.

  3. The next issue is a very small (it’s not really a bug, just a usability aspect): I use the EF very intensively and add lots of OCR-ed scanned PDFs to it (it’s my “paperless office”, and it serves great!). Each .PDF must have a “From” field filled (so I could sort by organizations, which send me paper mail), “Creation Date” (to sort chronologically and to create smart folders like “payment slips 2011” containing files with creation date from 1 January to 31 December + correspondingly tagged). Of course, if dealing with the mass of docs, it’s very nice to get things done fast, and here is a catch: in my workflow, I use keyboard to navigate through the list of .pdfs, I press “Command+i” to call information inspector, where I type in the infos - but the “date” is always set to “modification date”, which leads to mistakes. Please please make EF remember the user’s choice, so that if I once select “creation date” it would open next file with this option chosen.

  4. One more thing (just a hope): Could it be possible to have an auto-suggestion working in the “From” field in the inspector, too? That would, probably, require a separate list of values + editing options for them (like the ones you’ve got for tags), but it would be suuuuuuuper cool and would reduce the number of type mistakes or spelling versions. In my workflow I’ve got smart folders, some of which are gathering files based on what is in “From” as criteria. Of course, if I used to add files with “Telekom Bonn” and then by mistake name one “Telekom-Bonn” (or my wife does, who is not used to my spelling conventions), the selection will not happen and the file will be missing in folder. It’s not a drama, of course, but an auto-suggestion with an editable list of values could be a really nice addition.

  5. And the very last thing :)) It were very cool if I could set .PDFs to be shown fitting to the “width” - so, filling the whole area (and letting EF memorize this setting to run it later by default) - many scanned files have small text (yes, I know how to press “Command++”, but doing so every time makes me wish it were predefine-able. Ah yes, would be nice to have the possibility to scroll .PDFs continuously, not jumping page-by-page.

Anyways, I love your program and wish you all the best :slight_smile:

I looked into this, and it seems to be due to a bug in Mac OS X. I will follow up with Apple, but in the meantime the only workaround that I know of is not to use umlauts in your tag names.

I understand your point, but many users have library-specific tags and don’t want to see the shared ones in the window. Perhaps you would prefer to turn off the UseOpenMetaRecentsForCompletion esoteric preference so that the auto-completion matches what you see in the Tags window. This would also prevent you from accepting an auto-completion with different tag case.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I will look into whether that’s possible. Thanks for the suggestion.

I think it will do what you want if you Control-click in the PDF view and make sure that “Automatically Resize” and “Single Page Continuous” are checked.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.6.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.6.

Sorry for reviving this very old thread, I was looking for an answer to that and found this reply. Am I correct that this is currently not possible yet or did I miss something? I’m just scanning a lot of documents and storing them in EF and most of the “From” fields are the same (Name of insurance, Name of Bank,…) and remembering them and typing them in the exact same way every time for consistency is cumbersome.

Is there a way to do that already that I missed?

There isn’t auto-completion for this yet, but it’s on the to-do list. One way to do this today would be to use a typing enhancer or multiple clipboard utility (e.g. TextExpander, Typinator, LaunchBar, etc.). Or I could help you write an AppleScript that asks you to pick one of a predefined list of names.

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Thanks for the quick reply Michael, I’ll use my clipboard manager Alfred then.