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Some regular, repeated spam evades detection

I’m a longtime satisfied SpamSieve user with Apple Mail – all updated regularly. Recently, however, I am seeing a few daily, repeated spam messages which I always mark as spam and manually send to the spam folder. I’d prefer it if I could encourage SpamSieve to detect them! The Mail preferences and filters are all set as per the SpamSieve recommendation e.g. “any”. I have avoided re-training following the advice nopt to do this.

I know SpamSieve works, and works very well – it’s just not detecting quite as well for me as it has in the past. Any suggestions?

Please follow the instructions here to send an e-mail with more information so that I can help you.

Thanks for sending the additional information. Your SpamSieve rule in Apple Mail is incorrect. The conditions should say “Every Message” but they instead say “Message Is Junk Mail.” This will prevent SpamSieve from being able to see all of your incoming messages.

Additionally, it looks like you’ve been training as spam a great many messages that SpamSieve had already caught as spam. This will reduce SpamSieve’s accuracy; it’s better to only correct the mistakes.

Thanks for that, Michael – working fine now. Spam detection 100% over past two days.

For the benefit of others, I found it hard to see the right setting in Mail preferences. The “Every message” option is a bit hidden, near the bottom of the list. And it’s not an intuitive selection, so this is worth flagging up.

Thanks again for your continued development of this very good solution to the growing problem of spam email.