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Spam folder showing up in OS X mail search results

How do I stop spam folder email from showing up in OS X mail search results?


Here are several options:

  1. Regularly empty your Spam mailbox so that there are no spam messages to show up in the results.
  2. Create a smart mailbox called NonSpam that includes everything except the Spam mailbox, then select this smart mailbox before searching.
  3. Change your settings so that the spam goes to the Trash or Junk mailbox, which Mail will automatically exclude from searches.

Is there a reason you do not recommend using the Junk mailbox as default?

Yes, because it requires a (potentially confusing) workaround in order to have Mail show the Junk mailbox without having Mail’s junk filter active. And, secondly, when Mail’s junk filter is active, people sometimes use its training commands instead of SpamSieve’s, thus reducing the filtering accuracy.