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spam in my inbox - iMac

the upgrade installation process went well on my iMac running 10.8.5 though i notice a few more pieces of spam are ending up in my inbox than before. it was trained very well for quite a while and i maybe got 1-2 pieces a month that slipped thru. since the upgrade i am getting maybe 4 -5 per day, most not recognized as spam some highlighted as spam and landing in the inbox. i select, apply rules, and then train as spam.if you have any comments they will be appreciated michael.
thank you

macbook pro running 10.9
got a new notebook, running 10.9 and transferred all data from the old one. then updated to newest version of spam sieve.

for some unknown reason a lot of spam is landing, undetected, in the inbox. i’ve been training it as spam and not making headway. on the old computer running 10.8 it worked fine. if i select and train as spam the message properly moves into the Spam folder.

any suggestions?



Please see Checking the Apple Mail Setup and If you have spam messages in your inbox.

Thanks for sending the log file. SpamSieve thought that the message in your screenshot was good because you had received a message from that same sender two days ago. SpamSieve thought the first message was good, and you did not tell it otherwise, so it thought the second one was good as well. This seems to also be the case with recent spam messages that got through. To prevent this sort of problem, is important to promptly correct all the mistakes.