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Spam & iPhone

There is no way that I know of to tell the iPhone what mailboxes on an account should not be download. So, your iphone is filled with all the Spam messages that Spamsieve catches.

Has anyone come up with a work around?

I was thinking that if Spamsieve could be set to forward all messages marked as Spam to another account, say a account set up just for holding spam messages you could not add this account to your iphone a therefore all Spam would not be on your iphone.

If you’re using POP, the iPhone has no notion of which messages are in which mailboxes. The mailboxes only exist on your Mac. So the iPhone will download all the messages it hasn’t seen, even the spams.

If you’re using IMAP, the iPhone will only download messages from the mailboxes that you click on. If you set SpamSieve to move the messages into a Spam mailbox, you’ll only see spam messages on the iPhone if you click on the Spam mailbox. (Or, if you use a spam mailbox “On My Mac” then the spam won’t be on the server or iPhone at all.)

In short, there’s no need to forward messages or have multiple accounts. Just use IMAP on both your Mac and the iPhone.

Sorry, Michael but your reply confuses me.

Lets just focus on IMAP because that is the type of account that is set up on the server and on my client (both laptop & iphone).

My main email client sits on my laptop. Since this client has to handle incoming messages from multiple accounts on multiple servers I believe that I have to set up the Spamsieve Spam folder ON MY MAC (and I have).

Since this is a folder residing on my mac and not on the server it leaves the spam mail in the Inbox on the server (as there is no Spam folder on the IMAP server).

If I were to make a Spam folder on the IMAP server and set up Spamsieve to move the spam mail to a folder called Spam on the serve, all the incoming mail from the verious accounts would have to first move all mail to the one account with Spam folder residing on it before it process the rules. That doesn’t seem very efficient. Or am I confused about how Spamseive works on the clients.

You don’t have to use a single local Spam mailbox, but that’s often what people do because it’s simpler and doesn’t fill up the server with spam.

Which mail program are you using? With Apple Mail (and, I think Entourage, too) if a rule moves a message from an IMAP folder to a local folder, the message is deleted from the server. So, in other words, the spam messages will not appear in your inbox or on the iPhone.

I’m using Apples Mail client and the rule doesn’t remove the mail that is moved into the Spam folder on my client.

Please make sure that you have “Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox” checked in the Accounts preferences in Mail.

Or use View > Hide Deleted Messages.