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Spam not colored, good messages in Spam

I am having the same problem after updating to 10.15.7. My symptoms:

  • SpamSieve moves spam to my Spam folder (on the server) but only a few of them actually get colorized as spam.
  • There seems to be a large increase in false positives, similar to what I see if SpamSieve operates with a brand new corpus.
  • The Train As Good / Train As Spam menu options work as expected when trying to correct the mistakes caused by the above symptoms.
  • Apple Mail and SpamSieve beachball for about 30 seconds on launch but otherwise seem to run normally after that.

I tried clicking on the link provided in this thread to set AppleMailPluginSetIsJunk=YES but after relaunching Apple Mail and SpamSieve the problem remains.

Is there anything else I should try? Thanks

I moved this to a new topic because it sounds like a totally different issue. The previous post was about telling Mail’s junk filter that the messages were junk, not about messages being colored as spam.

To be clear, you are referring to the background color in the message list, right? Have you confirmed (from the Predicted: Spam entry in SpamSieve’s log) that SpamSieve did move these messages to the Spam mailbox? The most common reason for messages not to be colored as spam is that a different spam filter moved them.

This could also be due to a server spam filter. Have you confirmed from the log that SpamSieve predicted these messages to be spam?

Please record some samples of Mail and SpamSieve during this beachballing so we can see what’s causing it.

Thanks for the reply. I skipped your diagnostic steps because I noticed another message on this forum about DreamHost silently turning on spam filtering. I am also a DreamHost customer and after disabling the server-side spam filtering the problem went away. (Well, almost – for some reason every email marked as spam was showing up both in my spam folder and in my inbox, but re-running SpamSieve’s setup guide seems to have fixed that.) Spam messages are now being correctly classified, moved, marked, and colored. Thanks for your help!

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