Spam Sieve in Combination with an Apple rule "Mark all emails as read"

I always had an apple mail rule that marks all messages as read (just to decrease my stress level) and this worked perfectly fine with the old SpamSieve version / methode.

With the new version this no longer works (which is explained by the necessary switch to an extension instead of plugin, if I understand correctly): if the “mark as read” rule is active, then emails are just not checked and spam piles up, even

I understand that messages need to be unread to trigger SpamSieve due to Apple Mail restrictions but shouldn’t the “filter spam messages in other inboxes” do the periodic clean ups?

See screeenshot with my settings below.
Spam Sieve Version 3.0.3

Is there any way to combine spam sieve with a rule that marks all new messages as read?
(unfortunately apple mail rules don’t allow for a time delay)

In theory, your rule should be fine because Mail sends new messages to Mail extensions even if they’ve been marked as read. The issue is that, due to a Mail bug, sometimes it doesn’t send messages to the extension at all. In that case, the messages are filtered by SpamSieve’s backup Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension feature. For performance reasons, this only examines unread messages, so it won’t work with your rule.

It seems to me that the solution to this is for a future version of SpamSieve to have a feature to mark your good messages as read. (There is already setting to have it mark spam messages as read.)

For now, one option would be for you to create a smart mailbox that shows all unread messages, and you could periodically go there and mark everything as read.

Hi Michael, thanks for the fast reply and I kept wondering why the “check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension” wasn’t solving it but now it makes sense if that skips read messages.

It would be amazing if a feature version could have that feature / checkbox “mark all good messages as read”. Will work with the smart mailbox in the meantime.

On the upside: once again I became aware of how many spam messages your software is saving me on a daily base and really appreciate it! Thank you for the great tool.

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Hi Michael, I just wanted to follow up here and ask if you have any idea if this feature is on the roadmap?

Will happily test the feature whenever there is a beta version available.

I’m hoping to get that into the next version.

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Please see the new AppleMailMarkGoodRead esoteric preference in SpamSieve 3.0.4b1.

Awesome - just updated it and enabled the preference.
Thanks for making this option available.