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Spam Sieve moves mail to spam but sender is in adress book


I got a mail in entourage which was moved to spam
even the sender is in my entourage adress book
(completely imported)

The spam report from my provider which filters
50 mails a day on the server is sometimes recognized
as spam sometimes as good. No matter wether I train it
or not.

Some mails are recognized but not moved to Spam folder.
10.4.9, G5 Dual, MBP, SpamSieve 2.6.2
Any ideas ? thanks in advance

welcome mail from forum is recognized as spam

The first step in both cases is to look at SpamSieve’s log. If there is a “Predicted” entry for an incorrectly filtered messages, it will provide some information about why SpamSieve did what it did. If there is no “Predicted” entry for the message then the problem has to do with the setup of your mail program, not SpamSieve itself.