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Spam Sieve Moves my sent mail somewhere

I am enjoying spamsieve. it is pulling about 70 spam mails a day out of my inbox.

I have one weird problem that has developed and I think Spamsieve is causing it. I hate to blame Spamsieve but my other setting to mail have not changed.

I have set up apple mail under leopard to store sent copies of mail on the server. I use two IMAP accounts. A few weeks ago mail stopped saving copies or it is doing it unpredictably and if strange places… I have a rule where all mail created by me is put into my sent mailbox on one of the IMAP servers but mail is not always ending up there.

I can sometimes find mail when I search for it (my email address and keyword) but often I can not. If I click on the reply too or forward arrow in the left status column (the one that shows unread right arrow or reply arrow I used to be able to pull up the actual reply or forward message now I get an error:

Mail was unable to find your response to the message “Re: slides for ESAB”. You may have deleted the message.

What is going on. IF this is not a SPAMSieve issue I am sorry and regardless can come one clue me in to more information on how to resolve this…

Does this mean that you’ve changed your SpamSieve settings? How?

Do you have any other Mail plug-ins installed in the folders:


Rules in Mail only apply to incoming messages, so I would not expect creating a rule to help. By the same token, SpamSieve moves messages via a rule, so it should be impossible for SpamSieve to affect your sent messages. Regardless, it’s easy to see whether SpamSieve is involved. If it’s moving the messages, they will show up as “Predicted: Spam” in the log. If they aren’t “Predicted” in the log, the problem is elsewhere.

It sounds to me like a problem with Mail. Perhaps it would help to quit Mail and delete the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

so that it can rebuild it.