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Spam Sieve Not Working - Help!

Hi - I don’t know what I’m doing wrong (if anything) and I’m not a computer whizz (am I meant to be?) so perhaps Spamsieve isn’t very intuitive BUT I’m still getting 125 spam messages or so per day and SS is saying they’re good.

I dump them all into the Spam folder (is this how it trains?) in the hope that SS will analyze the content and identify the mail as spam and block them, but the same viagra and so on spam emails land every day.

The blurb said training wasn’t essential (and as I didn’t understand most of what was being said I thought, good) but I imagined that SS would train itself from the spam folder.

Have I got this all wrong?

I am using Apple Mac Mail program.

Thnx to anyone for any help they can offer.


Training takes place via the “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” menu command (see Step 8 of the instructions). Any messages that you just dragged to the Spam folder need to be trained using the menu command.