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Spam Sieve on more than one computer

I have a question about using Spamsieve on more than one computer. I have a laptop and a work computer that I check my two IMAP accounts on. The mail settings are synchronized through .mac. I am evaluating Spamsieve now on my laptop and it seems to work now that it has gone through a week of training and I was not using my desktop mac.

Today I turned on my desktop mac and I am wondering do I install SpamSieve on that machine also?

It seem that if I do the desktop will go through different levels of training depending what emails are seen? Is there a way to link the settings on both computers or do I only install spamsieve on one computer?


There is no way to link the settings, but you can copy them from one Mac to the other. That should be enough to get the second Mac up to a good accuracy level.

With two Macs accessing the same mail account, I recommend that you run only one copy of SpamSieve at a time, or else turn off auto-training.