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Spam Sieve Sucks

So far. after 8 months. less than 10% of the junk is caught. For example, “acai” is shown as a subject to reject. yhe program has yet to ever catch it. Basically, I have wasted my money!

For most people, SpamSieve is more than 90% accurate the first day and continues to improve. Since your results are so different, it’s very likely that something isn’t setup properly (probably in your mail program). For example, if your mail program is setup to move most messages to a certain folder, it may do so without letting SpamSieve see those messages. So SpamSieve itself may be working correctly, but if it only gets to see a few of your messages, it will appear as though it’s missing most of them. Please see this page. It will help you:

  1. Check the setup in your mail program.
  2. Determine whether the messages actually got through SpamSieve.
  3. If so, see why SpamSieve thought they weren’t spam.
  4. Report information about your setup and your spam so that I can help adjust your setup and/or improve SpamSieve.

I’m a user of SpamSieve, and have it catching 99.87% of spam accurately, processing just short of 4,000 emails a day (I have had my domain since 1995). I agree with Michael that you must have this set up incorrectly, as it’s working perfectly for me.

Can you tell us what mail program you’re using, what rules you have set up, and possibly attach the log to verify/validate what SpamSieve is doing? Saying “less than 10% of junk is caught” without any additional information to back up exactly what is happening in your case doesn’t help us try to help you solve the problem.