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Spam using my account as the sender

I just started getting spam using my account as the sender. I sometimes send mail to myself from a different account as reminders etc so I don’t want to block my address. Is there a way I can write a rule to mark as spam mail that has both the same sender and recipient?

I saw this in Help:

*Disabled rules do not block any messages, but they are useful because they prevent SpamSieve from re-learning a rule that you don’t want.

For example, say that you get forged spam messages from your own address. When you receive such a message, and tell SpamSieve that it’s spam, any rule on the whitelist with your address would be disabled. This will enable future such messages to be caught. If you later get a legitimate message from your own address and tell SpamSieve that it’s good, the whitelist rule will remain disabled. If you had previously deleted the rule instead of disabling it, telling SpamSieve that the message was good would create a new, enabled whitelist rule, which is probably not what you want.*

But I don’t clearly understand the implications.


Whenever a certain kind of spam message keeps getting through, you should check SpamSieve’s log to see if/why SpamSieve thinks it’s not spam.

No, however I don’t recommend this kind of rule, anyway, since many legitimate messages have the same sender and recipient.

Basically what it means is that if you train a few messages from yourself as good and a few spams that were forged from your address as spam, then neither the whitelist or blocklist rules will have any effect for future messages from that address. SpamSieve will have learned that a simple rule is not adequate to classify messages from that address, so it will instead analyze the entire message contents using its Bayesian classifier.