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Spammed to death

I am a newbie with this app. I have installed it, and it really does work. However, over a two week period ending last Saturday, I counted more than 3000 spams in my folders. Before and after installing this app, I had the issue of having to mark them as junk- as soon as I had marked them, more appeared- sometimes 2 or 3, other times 10-12- almost duplicates of the ones I tried to get rid of.
With this new app, it is learning but the same thing happens- as soon as I “learn spam” on a bunch of spam emails, more appear, almost like a swarm of termites that come out of the woodwork.
I hope that eventually this Bayseian method will not only put these spams to death, but they will go “poof” never to be seen again.
I have applied the GUID instructions just prior to writing this blog… I am sure that many of you have received thousands of spams that won’t go away, and have spent hundreds of hours over the years (and increasingly more so) to get rid of them. Honestly, I would love to be able to send a big fat worm to devour all the spammers and their technology (like moths in a closet of nice wool clothes and suits), and make them like rotten swiss cheese.
On the other hand, I am wondering, even with the gmail filters, if there is another server that doesn’t suffer in the influx of the “spamming disease”. If there is, let me know. I do have mac.com mail, as well as iCloud…. would they be better than gmail?
Thanks for reading- I express your frustrations as well, and join with you to ban all spamming without permission from the receiver. :slight_smile:

I Quit Gmail
After thoroughly counting the amount of spam emails (repeats, repeats, repeats), even with SpamSieve working, I am canceling my gmail account in a few days and moving to another email server through which I have not received any spams in quite a long time. How do I apply for a refund. Michael

I Quit Gmail
I purchased this app in the hope of relieving me of the 700+ spam mails I receive from Gmail in a week. I have been training the app to bark but it doesn’t- when I train 10 spams to be spam, 10 more appear- some are similar, some are repeats from old learning sessions. I have spent many hours every week trying to rid myself of this horde of grasshoppers, but they seem to jump higher than the filters I put in place, and the ones SpamSieve has produced.
I have decided to dump gmail in the dump where it belongs, and am switching to another mail provider that I have never received spams from in the very long past and present. Until the transfer has been completed I will keep SpamSieve to see whether it will useful. I need to email my contact list and notify everyone of the changes.

Please contact me via e-mail and include your log file so that I can see what wasn’t working for you.

The problem seems to be that Apple Mail was not set up to filter incoming messages through SpamSieve.