SpamSieve 2.9.51

I downloaded your most recent update, but I gog some unclear warnings during installation. How can I ensure that the update has installed properly?
Thank you.

Were the warnings from Mail or SpamSieve or another app? Did you write down what they said? Are you able to launch the SpamSieve app now, and if so which version does it show in the About SpamSieve window?

The warnings were from SpamSieve.
Unfortunately I did not record the messages. I just re-installed.
Yes, I am and it shows v 2.9.51. However, SpamSieve does not appear in Mail>Preferences>ManagePlugIns.
Please, reassure me that I re-installed properly.

Thank you.

Please choose Install Apple Mail Plug-In from the SpamSieve menu, and then hopefully it will show up under Manage Plug-ins….

I followed your instructions and now SpamSieve is listed under Manage Plug-Ins. I believe we are OK. Thank you for a great, indispensable product. I’ve recommended to a lot of people.

I have a question for you: how does SpamSieve control what is automatically directed to Apple Mail’s JUNK folder? Is there a way I can trainn the system to drop/not drop items into this folder?
Thank you.

Are you asking about the messages that SpamSieve is moving there? Or that your mail server’s spam filter is moving there?

To the best of my understanding SpamSieve is not moving anything there? It seems to me that my mail server’s spam filter is controlling that folder. Am I doing something wrong?

The SpamSieve rule in Mail’s settings controls where SpamSieve moves the messages. Normally this is set to use that Junk mailbox.

If your mail server’s spam filter is also moving messages there, you may be able to turn it off or you could set SpamSieve to refilter those messages.

This page explains how you can tell which filter moved each message.