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SpamSieve appears to be flagging messages, but doesn't move them.


SpamSieve appears to be flagging messages in my Outlook 2011 In box, because their subject lines are greyed. But they aren’t being moved into the spam mailbox. If I go up to the scripts and choose “train as spam”, the messages do get moved.

I had to reformat my system, so I copied the SpamSieve history and preference files from another computer as instructed by documentation on this site.

Any ideas?

Did you copy your Outlook settings and rules? Please make sure that you’ve turned off Outlook’s junk mail filter and that you’ve set up the SpamSieve rules set up as described here.

I actually had SpamSieve set up and running already; I just didn’t want to wait for it to relearn everything when I had a good collection of data on another computer.

Well, the symptoms that you’ve described generally mean that the rules are not correct. So please send in some screenshots showing the rules and the rule list.

As it turns out, sure enough, the rule for moving the messages had ALL conditions are true instead of ANY.

Thanks for your replies.