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SpamSieve AppleScripts Change History

Updated the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script with a new “InboxSpamSieve” option to speed up processing for people with large inboxes.

Updated the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes script with new setup instructions and additional debug logging. It is now possible to enable debug logging and change other options via the user defaults so that it’s not necessary to edit (and recompile and sign) the script.

The Apple Mail - Remote Training script now auto-creates the special TrainSpam and TrainGood mailboxes.

You can now click the Outlook - Filter Mailboxes icon in the Dock to make it filter the new inbox messages immediately instead of waiting until the next scheduled check.

Outlook - Filter Mailboxes now works around an Outlook bug getting folders by name.

The following scripts have been updated with better error handling, performance, and support for macOS 10.14:

The Apple Mail - Block Sender script is new.

Outlook - Filter Mailboxes can now move good messages from an InboxSpamSieveXYZ folder to XYZ.

Going forward, the plan is to note changes to the scripts in the regular SpamSieve release notes, rather than separately on this page.