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Spamsieve bundle showing as folder?

Just moved from my Powerbook to a new Mac Mini, migrating the app support folder and preferences but reinstalling the app itself for use with Apple Mail. Reinstalled the bundle as well since Apple Mail disabled both plugins for some reason after working fine for a while.

It seemed to stop working, so I looked around, reinstalled the bundle again and such. It looks to be working again now, but I noticed two things.

The ‘SpamSieve.mailbundle’ is showing up as an actual folder instead of an actual ‘bundle’ like MailActOn has. I remember it having an icon, but I might be wrong. Is that how it’s supposed to be?

Also, there’s nothing showing in the console logs. MailActOn shows up like “Loaded Mail Act-On Bundle 2.0.5”, but there’s no indication that Mail actually loads the Spamsieve bundle on startup. Is that expected behaviour?

It’s supposed to look like a folder.

The SpamSieve plug-in does not log anything unless there’s an error. You can tell whether it’s loaded because you’ll see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu.

Ah, that clears that up then. All seems to be working OK again now, thanks :slight_smile: