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Spamsieve can't find itself: "Where id Spamsieve"

The trial was going great until I started getting the message “Where is Spamsieve” every time it tries to run.

I’m using Entourage and found the files in the Entourage Script Menu Items folder inside Microsoft User Data, but the files are all grayed out and cannot be selected.

How can I get it to “re-find” itself?

Would clicking Entourage’s spam button caused this?

Thanks in advance,

What is “it”? Does this happen when you train messages from within Entourage? When you apply the SpamSieve rule in Entourage to messages?

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you post a screenshot? I’ve never heard of files that are visible in the Finder but cannot be selected.

First, make sure that the SpamSieve application file is in your Applications folder. Then, it might help to launch it, choose Install Entourage Scripts from the SpamSieve menu, and let it replace the existing files.

No, but you should not be clicking that.

Sheesh. Never mind, I’d somehow moved it to the trash.

One question though, does clicking the Entourage Spam button do anything bad other than just move an email to the trash?

Ah. Thanks Michael!

No, but if you use the Entourage button instead of training SpamSieve (which is what people tend to do, thinking they’re equivalent) then you’re not training SpamSieve, and so its accuracy will decline.

Gotcha. Thanks! It would be cool if SS could tie into that though.