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SpamSieve catching

Hi there,
I’ve been using SpamSieve for quite some time, and love it. Thank you for a great piece of software!

I have recently encountered a problem where my computers catch spam with SpamSieve, (all IMAP accounts), but they still somehow sneak through into iPhone and iPad. I don’t remember making any significant changes to any machines/pads/phones that would possibly cause this. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions much appreciated.

If the iOS device sees a new spam message before the Mac (and SpamSieve) does, it will download it into the inbox. However, after SpamSieve has moved the message, the changes should eventually propagate over IMAP so that the iOS device removes it from the inbox. Is that not happening for you?

Sure, that has been my experience before. For some reason, that is not the case anymore - the spam stays visible on iPhone/iPad even after the computer recognizes it as spam, and SpamSieve on iPhone has refreshed and should have seen the changes (as it used to).

Well, then the question is what the state of the server is. Can you check with Web mail? If the message is in the inbox on the server, then something’s wonky on the Mac. If it’s not in the inbox on the server, and yet the iPhone/iPad show it in the inbox, then I guess they aren’t syncing correctly.

Just checked. The spam is showing in the Inbox in Webmail.

Which mail program are you using on the Mac?

Mail. As I mentioned earlier - this is a fairly new thing. I’ve been using SpamSieve for a long time, without a hitch.

It might help to rebuild Mail’s database. To do that, quit Mail and delete the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

Then it will build a new database for you.

Thanks for your help, Michael. Will do that right now.

I followed your instructions. Unfortunately, it did not work out - same issue persists. Yikes!

I’m not sure what to suggest here. Could be an issue with Mail or your server. Do you see any errors from Mail in the All Messages section of Console? If you drag the messages to the inbox and back to Spam, does that get them to move on the server?