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SpamSieve don't let me send mail with mail.app

When I try to send or reply any email, all the fields apears empty, even the list of acounts, and there is no way to write anything in the message body.

I don’t know if I do something wrong.

The only way i have to revert to original state is cleaning the mail preferences and adding manually all my acounts.


I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t think this is caused by SpamSieve. It doesn’t modify Mail in any way that would cause that. It’s possible that installing SpamSieve had the side effect of activating a dormant Mail plug-in. You could check the folders:




and see if there are any plug-ins there besides the SpamSieve one. To disable a plug-in, drag it out of the Bundles folder and restart Mai.


many thanks

I checked that folders and in /Library/Mail/Bundles I had an item called ‘PGPmailPanther.mailbundle’ that I had never use.
Throw to the trash and now all goes fine.

I was confused about it o_O

thank you again