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SpamSieve Eatting my Mountain Lion

For some reason, SpamSieve has taken to spawning a process called “spamsieve-reader” that immediately tries to take 100% of one of my cores. Then it spawns another, then another, until the computer is locked up. I cleaned up the mess, uninstalled spamsieve, and re-installed it 2.9.3, and it worked great for a few days and then the fan came on and I was doomed again. Any ideas? I cannot use SpamSieve with this happening. It is a 2010 Macbook pro, with 4 cores on 2 I7’s. 8 Gig of ram. Been fine for a LONG time… then this.

spamsieve-reader is used to analyze PDF files that are attached to your e-mails. SpamSieve uses a separate process in order to work around bugs in the OS’s PDF handling, i.e. if there’s a crash, memory leak, or runaway CPU use, SpamSieve itself won’t be affected.

It doesn’t keep trying to spawn more. It should be just be one instance per PDF attachment. You can click this link to tell SpamSieve not to try to read PDF files. That would work around any OS bugs processing the particular PDF files that you’re receiving. Also, if you have an idea of which files these are, you could send them to me, and I’ll file a bug report with Apple.