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SpamSieve ignores Address Book Entries in Outlook

I am using Outlook 2011. I have set it up with SyncServices to sync Contacts with Address Book. I installed the Outlook specific scripts and associated rules as per the online instructions. Problem is that all new email is being put into junk folder - including all those listed in the Contacts/Address Book.
Thanks for any help.

You can use the Open Log command to see whether SpamSieve predicted these messages to be spam. My guess, though, is that this is due to a misconfigured rule in Outlook. Do you have any rules other than “SpamSieve - Move Messages” that put messages in the Junk E-mail folder?

My error

I’m sorry but it was a mistake in the relevant Rule. I fixed it and all is working as it should. Sigh

Outlook 2011; Addresses

I am also having a problem with SpamSieve and Outlook 2011.

I have two Macs, Outlook 2011 and SpamSieve installed on both machines.

On both machines I repeatedly have to “train” SpamSieve for the same email messages each time I use it. These messages are news letters, announcements etc I am following. It dumps them in the junk folder.

One Mac seems to be “getting it” only about 50% of what comes in that is good email ends up in the Junk folder, on the other, 100%!!! of what comes in goes into the Junk email folder.

Every day, I “train” it as to what is good and what is bad email but the next day, the same.

When I had Entourage, I loaded all the good email addresses, approx 1,900 into SpamSieve and things were pretty good, on both machines. Right now, as I say the false positives are reaching 100% on one machine, around 50% on the other.


It sounds like something isn’t set up properly in Outlook. Please see the Why is every message going to the Spam mailbox? page.


I read the manual item in the thread, and validated the Rules set up against the manual. They are all correct. Even before this post, I had deleted any Rules brought over from Entourage, created the Rules, had problems, deleted them and recreated them.

Everything went into the Junk folder tonight. I have a total of 11 email accounts that Outlook pulls and sends through, they are a mix of POP and IMAP accounts.

Does the number of accounts impact SpamSieve? Email volume is approximately 250 per day.

Any ideas?


You need to look in the log (or send me your log, so I can look) to determine whether SpamSieve thinks these messages are spam. Or you could send screenshots of your rules (and mailing list manager rules) so that I can check them.