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SpamSieve ignoring instructions on how to pocess specific emails

SpamSieve is operating normally, filtering e-mails into spam vs good … EXCEPT that there is an e-mail sender that I repeatedly classify as good which SpamSieve keeps processing as spam. And in a different account, there is an e-mail that I repeatedly classify as spam, which it keeps treating as good. Any suggestions?

The most common reasons for what you are seeing are:

You could read the links above to determine whether this is what’s happening and follow the instructions there to adjust the settings. Or, I am happy to look into this if you use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here. Please note the sender addresses of the two messages in question.

Neither of those circumstances apply. The good message is not being flagged. (It’s a legitimate business email from another country.) The bad one is just political spam. They both are unaffected by being repeatedly classified by me.

OK, then I would suggest that you send in the diagnostic report so that I can look into what’s actually happening with these messages. Or you can look in the log yourself to see what it says about those messages.