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SpamSieve Installation Error on macOS Catalina 10.15.6

When I am prompted to drag the file to Applications, the installation process starts, but then fails with the following error message: “SpamSIeve is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”

This has happened with multiple copies of the download today. I have attempted to install directly from the download and from a saved download in Downloads.

Please try rebooting your Mac in safe mode and then try again with a fresh download of SpamSieve.

@Michael_Tsai - thanks! That did the trick.

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Why should you have to reboot into Safe Mode to install SpamSieve??? I already have SpamSieve installed and am currently running macOS 10.15.5. But am soon to upgrade to 10.15.6 and I’m wondering if some issue with SpamSieve will pop up once I move to 10.15.6?? I’ve never needed to install any app, including SpamSieve in Safe Mode… Why would that be a requirement for the person you are advising in this thread??? thanks…

@diitto - there are times when some remnant of a previous installation - of a different program, or the same program - remains in a temporary file somewhere, or some other program is being loaded into memory that conflicts with the installation instructions. There are many reasons why an application might temporarily require Safe Mode to install. This is not uncommon and did not worry me one bit.

I’ve only seen that necessary two or three times in 18 years. It seems like some sort of macOS cache or memory gets messed up and needs to be reset.

Thanks sir, using in safe mode worked.