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Spamsieve integration w/ Eudora

I’d like to run my Eudora 6.0 ‘known good’ filters before Spamsieve, and a number of other Eudora filters after Spamsieve. Is that possible? Will it be? If not, please consider this a vote for that in an upcoming release.


No. SpamSieve is implemented as a Eudora junk filter plug-in, and Eudora always runs junk plug-ins before any of the other filters. If you don’t want it to do this, please tell Qualcomm. If you have “known good” filters, I suggest that you re-create them as whitelist rules in SpamSieve.

If I’m not mistaken, you can use the SpamSieve Eudora Helper Applescript instead of the plugin and SpamSieve will filter mail after Eudora filters have run.

That’s correct, although I don’t recommend using the Helper unless for some reason you must use Eudora 5, because the scripting the interface that the Helper relies upon is unreliable and has limitations.