Spamsieve is awesome 95% of the time, then suddenly puts marked msgs in inbox

Spamsieve is wonderful in catching nearly all spam from my inbox. But, sometimes it marks the spam (with its different color levels) and those messages still make it into my inbox. A couple of possible clues:

  1. This seems to mostly/always happen when I have messages more than 1 day old - like when I haven’t checked my email for the previous day.

  2. It may also happen when I download email via a connection other than my normal “home” connection.

I don’t see how either of these could cause this problem but, I have noticed this 3 or 4 times. The most recent was early this afternoon (PDT) when I visited a client and I had not yet downloaded any email today. In fact, I didn’t even look at any email until I returned from the client. Then, upon switching to the OSX Mail window, I have 68 messages in my inbox marked in color by SpamSieve from 10:33 PM last night through 5:28 am this morning. There are also messages during that time period in the Spam folder. The messages in question (in the inbox) are not all new messages; some are recognizable and have previously been successfully marked as Spam by Spamsieve.

Anyone else see this?


OSX 10.8.4
OSX Mail 6.5
Late 2009 MacBook

Does the SpamSieve log say that these messages are “Predicted: Spam”?

Have you tried rebuilding Apple Mail’s database?

Problem solved with a standard Mailbox (Inbox) Rebuild.