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SpamSieve is not learning (macOS)

SpamSieve is not learning. Every day I get the same spam mails. I train SpamSieve to recognize this spam every day, but again and again the same mails will arrive my mail folder and will not sort out. SpamSieve is not learning.

What can I do to get SpamSive to learn again?

I am using SpamSieve 2.9.39 with Mail 12.4 on macOS 10.14.6.


Usually when this happens it’s because of a setup problem in the mail program. Please see this page.

Thank You. My Mail plugin was deactivated.

SpamSieve should check all these conditions on startup.

Glad you figured it out. SpamSieve will show an alert at launch if the Mail plug-in needs be enabled. Do you mean that Mail rule was deactivated? Unfortunately, there’s no way for SpamSieve to know whether that’s off by accident or because you intended to temporarily disable it. I’m working on a way that it can check this for you when asked, though.

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The Mail rule was deleted too. ow it is working fine again. :slight_smile: