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Spamsieve & Kerio Mail Server junk mail


we’ve just changed our mail server from QuickMail to Kerio Mail Server (KMS 6.5) which comes with good anti-spam features such as SpamAssasin. We have also changed from POP3 accounts to IMAP (using Apple Mail on OSX 10.5.2).

Now the KMS rejects a lot of Spam that fulfils its criteria and marks up some spam emails with a marker SPAM and then moves them into a folder called" Junk E-Mail" in each IMAP account.

These marked emails are then shown on the client Apple Mail in a corresponding IMAP folder “Junk E-Mail”.

The problem I’m having is trying to figure out a way to get SpamSieve to recognise those emails and process them in the same way as messages coming into the Inbox. The reason I want to do this is because I’m now getting an alert (using MailAppetizer) for every marked SPAM message which is very annoying.

I couldn’t even figure out a way of creating a Rule in Apple Mail to just move or delete these messages as the IMAP folders do not appear in the Rules’ markup.

Thanks for any help or suggestions. :slight_smile:

Apple Mail can only automatically apply rules (including SpamSieve) to new messages in the inbox. This is actually good, from a SpamSieve perspective, because you don’t want it to be filtering messages that are already in a Junk E-Mail mailbox. Make sure that SpamSieve is not set to put its spam into the same mailbox.

I’m not that familiar with MailAppetizer, so it you need it to behave differently, please contact its developer.