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SpamSieve messed up my whole gmail smtp account

when creating the spam sieve rule for mail I accidentally clicked apply rule to all accounts which basically deleted my 2000+ emails which I have in my gmail smtp account.

I seems like some of the emails are in the spam folder but when marking them as good they are all put back in the inbox regardless whether they where send or received emails.


This is why the instructions say to click “Don’t Apply” after creating the rule. Unfortunately, Mail does not let you undo applying rules. The good news is that SpamSieve doesn’t delete any messages; it just moves them into the Spam mailbox.

After training the messages as good, you can select them in the inbox and choose Message > Apply Rules to have your other rules re-sort them.

I know it’s my fault but I would suggest making this part in bold and red in your manual.

I quit mail in hope it would stop the rule but the result is that I lost 3/4 of all my emails which is a real problem.

Also the messages which ended up in the spam folder once you mark them good they all appear as new emails and send and received mail goes all in the same folder.

SpamSieve marks the messages as unread because typically a message mistakenly filed into the Spam mailbox should be treated as new. You can tell Mail to mark the messages as read, if you want.

Sorry, but I don’t understand the second part of your sentence. Mail does not normally apply any rules (even SpamSieve) to sent messages.

yep not sure why but have plenty of send messages now in my inbox instead of the send folder and as mentioned lost around 1500 emails in the process.

A bigger warning in the manual would be appreciated.

Is there anyway to exclude gmail accounts from spam sieve as the build in spam filtering is quite good anyway

You can add “Account” conditions to the rule so that it only applies to certain accounts.