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SpamSieve not filtering mail with a CC:

I have wanted to set up a situation for when I send an email from my gmail account (running as a front for my regular mail, so I can access it on my pds) that it also send my regular mail account a copy by using the CC: line.

When I send a typical email from gmail, it looks like this: (please note, I have gmail send mail with my real email address so not to confuse recipients)

To: Bob@bob.com
From: [my real address]
CC: [my real address]
Subj: FOO

I set up this rule so that it will filter these messages to a Sent mail folder.

If: All of the following conditions are met:
Sender is equal to [my real address]
CC: contains [my real address]

Perform the following actions:
Move message to mailbox: Sent (for some reason this shows up as the sent icon, but says “My Mail.”)

However, the rule doesn’t send the email to the sent mail folder.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to get this to work?

At first glance, this looks OK. Is this rule at the top of the list? What makes you think this is related to SpamSieve?

Thanks for the reply. After looking at your reply and thinking about it some more, I realized that this probably isn’t SpamSieve related. Thanks for the tip and sorry to have bothered you.

BTW- I really like the tool!