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spamsieve not opening when it should!


First off, thanks for the excellent program! It’s changed my life!

But now, I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6.1) and Spamsieve isn’t opening to check my incoming mail.

– I tried reinstalling.
– I’m using 2.7.6
– I see it listed in Mail under “message” menu

Not sure what else to do. My rule looks right, too.

Any advice? Basically, it’s just not opening when I check mail.

Is your SpamSieve rule enabled (checked) and at the top of the list?

If you open SpamSieve manually, does it then filter the incoming mail?

Hi Michael,

Sorry to flog a dead horse; I had it working, then my hard drive got corrupted and had to restore, and since then the problem.

So yes, the rule is enabled and at the top of the list, and also yes, if I select a message and manually apply the rules, spamsieve opens just fine.

Hi again,

Well now, all of a sudden, it seems to be working… maybe it just needed a night of rest!

Thanks for a terrific program!

Does it open if you manually apply the rules?

I have same problem after snow lep ugrade/updates

SS will not auto load
SS will load if rules are applied manually.

It sounds as though the problem is that the rules are not being applied automatically because you have no new mail.

I tested this and it is launching and working properly now. Your statement is correct. it just needed some new mail to stimulate the rules. I had always assumed some other “magic” launched SS.

Same problem
My SpamSieve hasn’t been opening properly since the update, either. The rules are set correctly. But it doesn’t open when I download new mail first thing in the morning, so doesn’t catch the spam in the first download (which is when most of it is, of course). It will open eventually when another spam message arrives, but I usually have to go back and mark the first ones in order to get it to open. Never had the problem before the update, so I’m sure it’s just a glitch.

Does it work first thing in the morning if you open SpamSieve before opening Mail?

Well, the update has been out for almost a week now, with no one else having problems…

I will try in the morning and see what happens if I open SS first and report in. Thanks!