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SpamSieve not working on M1 MacBook Air

SpamSieve on my new M1 MacBook Air isn’t working fully. It does correctly classify most real spam messages as such, but if it misses one or more, the ‘Train as Spam’ is funky. Sometimes it’ll correctly move a message when asked to do so and other times it will not. If there are 2 or more spam messages improperly classified as good, selecting two or more of them simultaneously, Train as Spam never works.

I have disabled the plug-in and re-enabled it. I have, of course, restarted the machine several times, all with no effect.

I also have a 2020 MacBook Pro with the exact same versions of MacOS (11.0.1) and SpamSieve (2.9.40). SpamSieve works perfectly on it.

Any suggestions?

This is the first I’ve heard of any problems on an M1 Mac, so I’m not sure whether it’s related to that or to something else on that MacBook Air.

When you train the message as spam, does it change color as normal?

Do your manually trained messages move to a Spam mailbox under On My Mac or on the server?

Please click this link to enable some SpamSieve debug logging. After relaunching Mail and SpamSieve, try training 2 messages as spam and, when the problem occurs, send me a diagnostic report.

Hi Michael, I have the same issues on my new Macbook Pro M1
I am training with local Spam folder, first train as spam is fine. Then no more training possible. I did reinstall, switched to beta, nothing helped.
I just sent diagnostic report

Thanks for sending the report. It looks like you have it set to move the trained spam messages to the local trash, not the local Spam mailbox. Does changing it back to Spam help?

Unfortunately, there’s a system log bug on M1 Macs, so the report doesn’t show the debug info. I’ve worked around it in the next beta of SpamSieve which should be available soon. Please send a new report once you’ve updated to 2.9.41b2.

In the meantime:

  • Is the issue that you can’t train two messages at all, or that you can’t train two at the same time?
  • Do the messages change color to blue?
  • Do they show up in SpamSieve’s log as Trained: Spam (Manual)?

I created a local Spam Flder and defined that folder in the spamsieve rule
Only the first bunch (one or more) messages I train as Spam will be marked and moved, They are colored then. The subsequent train as spam dont work at all.
attached is the rule with local Spam folder defined.
Those from first bunch show up in the log.

The destination for the Train as Spam command is set using Change Settings, not in the rule. Could you try changing it there?

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If the Apple Mail training commands are not working on your M1 Mac, please:

  1. Update to SpamSieve 2.9.41b3, which is currently in public beta.
  2. Click these two links to enable some SpamSieve debug logging.
  3. After relaunching Mail and SpamSieve, try training some messages as spam.
  4. When the problem occurs, send me a diagnostic report.

This is fixed in SpamSieve 2.9.42.