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SpamSieve: Outlook 2010

I just set up SpamSieve 2.8.4
I am on an exchange server, only and found that after installation of Office 2011 (Outlook 14.0.1) the rules that had worked for me with Entourage sent all my email to my deleted items folder.
If I disabled the rules all email went to my inbox.

SpamSieve is working well, however, I can’t see junk or other new mail except in the inbox on my iPhone (4.1) and now my mac (10.6.5) will show no sent email.

I don’t see anything to sort out these issues in the installation info or elsewhere?

The Entourage rules for SpamSieve do not work in Outlook. You would need to delete them and follow the instructions in the Setting up Outlook section of the manual.

To see the spam messages on the iPhone, you would need to make sure that the “SpamSieve - Move Messages” rule in Outlook is set to move the messages to a folder on the server.

SpamSieve doesn’t see or touch sent mail, so I don’t think that problem is related.