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SpamSieve Rules -> migrate to serverside spamassassin filter

Hello all!

I was wondering if it is possible to somehow export my current learnt SpamSieve rules/filters etc. and make that file available to my mailserver’s spamassassin.
this way, I could pre-filter my inbox before my local MacOS mailclient even syncs any messages to the inbox.

Problem is: when I look at MacOS Mail on my desktop laptop or imac, SpamSieve is doing a wonderful job.
However when I look at IOS Mailclients (phone and ipad) with same imap accounts, I am getting all that spam unfiltered right there into my inbox… unless I sync my emails at the same time via laptop or imac - because then SpamSieve is doing its work and my ios clients sync up.

This is sometimes just not possible, because I am not near the laptop or imac. So to ensure also my other mailclients that sync these imap mailboxes dont get all the spam when syncing, it would make sense to have a serverside up to date filter… matching the spamsieve rules.

Did I make myself clear? I am not sure about it :smiley:


Not really, because they work so differently. However, it is possible to transfer some of the more basic stuff like blocklist rules for particular names/addresses. You could copy/paste from SpamSieve’s Blocklist window (after sorting it appropriately) to access this information or write an AppleScript to get the information that you want in the format that you want.