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SpamSieve stops working with Mac Mail

I have the Mac Mail client running on the desktop of the Mac machine always. At first, it seemed to work. Now after a few weeks, it seems to no longer be filtering the mail. I check mail from another machine and rarely the Mac itself. If I go to the mac, click on another folder in Mail and then Inbox, it filters fine but I can’t do that most of the time. Is there something I am doing wrong that is causing it to not filter ongoing?


Mac OS 10.4.11
SpamSieve 2.7.4

That should be working. What kind of mail account are you using? Do you have any Mail rules on the other machine? My guess is that there’s something wrong with Mail on the SpamSieve Mac, e.g. perhaps its database is damaged.

Problems with SpamSieve
No rules on the Thunderbird client I use to check mail with.
If I click on another folder and then back, it is ok. Very odd but sadly makes the program not very useful. Thanks for any ideas.

I thought you were using Apple Mail because you said “Mac Mail.” Which version of Thunderbird do you have? SpamSieve is invoked in the exact same circumstances as Thunderbird’s built-in junk mail filter. What kind of mail account (POP, IMAP, etc.) are you using?

I do use Mac Mail - that’s the one that is not processing unless I go click another folder and then inbox again.

Thunderbird runs on my Windows machine and that is what I use to check the mail but since the Mac Mail and SpamSieve are not working there, I have to delete all the spam manually from TBird.


I suggest that you quit Mail and delete the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

Then it will build a new database for you.

Done. Thank you. Will monitor and let you know if that does not solve. Appreciate the insights.