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SpamSieve v2.9.2: Is Apple Mail Rule Update Just for Lion (and later)?

[MacBookPro6,2; Mac OS X 10.6.8]

I see in version notes:

  • The recommended condition for the Apple Mail rule is now Every Message rather than Message Type Is Mail. SpamSieve will auto-update your rules at launch on Mac OS X 10.7 if Mail is running.

Following my upgrade to SpamSieve v2.9.2,I didn’t find that my Apple (v4.5) Mail Rule had changed; its condition is still “Message Type is Mail”. Is the revised recommended condition cited in the notes only applicable for OS X 10.7 and later, or should I manually change my rule to it for my continued use (for now) under Snow Leopard?

There’s no need to change anything for Snow Leopard. The revised condition is really for Mountain Lion, but SpamSieve switches it for Lion users because it’s important to do it before they upgrade.

One further clarification, please. I’ll eventually be upgrading to Mountain Lion directly from Snow Leopard. Does the fact that I’ll be bypassing Lion warrant me doing anything now, under Snow Leopard, with regard to the revised condition?

You can either make the change before updating to Mountain Lion or recreate your SpamSieve rule(s) after updating.

Thanks for the instant responses. (I’ll do it now–while I still remember the matter. [grin])