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SpamSieve with Gmail IMAP

I would like to use SpamSieve on Apple mail getting email from Gmail via IMAP. I know that Google has recommended to turn off the spam filter on imap clients. The problem is that if I have all spam filtering turned off on Apple mail (spamsieve or apple mail’s builtin junk mail filtering), I notice that every day one or two spam messages keep getting through. I don’t know whether this is a problem with my google account or not - but I have had an almost 100% accuracy with spamsieve before switching to gmail imap, so I am wondering what harm could it be if I enable spamsieve again ?

Any ideas?

That should work fine. The main point is to set the SpamSieve rule in Apple Mail to point to its own Spam mailbox. This can be either local or on the server, but it should not be the same one that Gmail uses. Gmail will put the spam it finds into its Spam mailbox, and SpamSieve will filter the remaining spam messages that arrive in the inbox into its own Spam mailbox. If you wish, you could drag confirmed spam messages from SpamSieve’s Spam mailbox into Gmail’s in order to train the Gmail filter.