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SS inhibits flagging of folders with new messages

So, I’ve been using SS for about 6 months now. It’s terrific. I am using it with Mail.app and an IMAP server. Latest versions of Mail and SS. Not using Growl.

But here’s one frustrating problem that showed up recently, about the time that I upgraded to 10.5. (Not sure if it was exactly the same time or not.) Mail is properly checked for spam, and then it’s moved into the proper folder according to the mail rules that I have set up. However: Mail.app gives me no notification that I have new mail! I have to manually click on each folder that I suspect may have new mail, and then I get notified (# of unread mesages shows up in the folder list, and in the dock).

I have a dozen or so mail Rules set up. In Mail.app’s preferences, I list the SpamSieve rule first, and then my other rules after that.

This all used to work just fine for me. Now I’ve disabled my rules entirely, due to having too many missed messages – I just file them by hand later.

Any suggestions?


p.s. At first, I thought that I had a background mail process that was running and moving my mail w/o my knowing it. This will happen with IMAP if an account is being read from two different machines at the same time. But no, that’s not it.

I don’t think this has anything to do with SpamSieve.

My apologies – looks like you’re correct. I disabled SS and get the same behavior. A quick search finds that this is a known problem with 10.5’s Mail.app; e.g.


There is a plugin called IMAPCheck that is supposed to address it, but I haven’t tried it yet.