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SS no longer automatically moves spam to spam folder

Hi, I have a simple problem that just resulted from my upgrade to Leopard on a MacBook Pro. I use Mail. SpamSieve continues to work just fine save for one minor issue. When a spam message used to occasionally land in my inbox I would use the “Train as spam” command and it would not only be marked as spam but would automatically be moved to my ‘spam’ mailbox. In Leopard, everything still works as before, including the labeling of the message that follows my use of the “Train as spam” command. However, the message just stays in my inbox, it is not moved to the ‘spam’ mailbox. It’s not a big deal, I just delete it, but I wondered if there is something amiss that SS now longer does this.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

I think you need to make sure your spam mailbox is named “Spam” or else tell SpamSieve what the actual name is.

Thank you, that fixed it! I had accidentally changed the name of the mailbox from ‘Spam’ to ‘spam.’