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Start with an overall stragegy

Hi I new to Eaglefiler. I have read some of the forum posts and tried searching it, but I can not find any advice of how to start using Eaglefiler as a whole system.

I am looking at buying a new Mac and want to migrate my existing data onto it but to set the new Mac up in such a way as to establish good work practise from the start.

Has anyone got an whole of system veiw that the would like to share?

Thanks for you Help.

use it an an archive
I’m using EagleFiler as an archive.
In my home directory I’ve created a folder called Archives which is where I keep all the EF files.

Documents remains as is, that becomes my working collection, for whatever documents I’m working on at present. Then as they near a stage of maturity I start adding them to my Archives folder via EF.

I find EF is so much better for keeping things referenced and tagged, particularly my growing collection of pdf, chm and scripts etc. I find leopard’s finder too gimmicky, cover flow just isn’t useful IMHO when scanning through lots of documents, and the preview doesn’t let u copy text AFAIK…,.