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Startup Item still needed?

In the new release (2.6.6) of SpamSieve, I’m unclear on whether or not I need to include SpamSieve in my Startup Items. Now that the Apple Mail plug-in is installed does the application SpamSieve have to be running at all times Mail is running? Or only during initial training? I know it will auto-quit when Mail quits, but I need some guidance as to whether or not I need to manually run the app every time I launch Mail (or reboot computer.) And whether or not this is always true - or only true during training period.


It’s never been necessary to make SpamSieve a login item. (It doesn’t hurt, either, though.)

Mail will auto-launch it when you train it with a message or when a new message arrives that needs to be filtered. So, basically, you shouldn’t need to launch or quit SpamSieve manually.